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Great Reads from Elsewhere

  • I'm Not a SuperMom
    John Kinnear's wife Stevie takes over to explain how she refuses to try to live up to the expectations of the Pinterest SuperMom, and is better for it.
  • Helicopter Parents vs Cotton Wool Kids
    Nancy McDermott from "Spiked" reviews a new book: "Parenting Culture Studies" - produced by researchers at the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies (CPCS) at the University of Kent. Fascinating, and unexpected, revelations about what works - and doesn't - in the world of parenting.
  • Wait Until You Become a Parent
    Some unexpected gut-wrenching revelations from Lexie Lane at Not at all what you'd expect from the title.
  • How Your Bitter Divorce Broke Us Children
    An brutally honest look at the long-term effects on children of an ugly marriage and a bitter divorce.
    Kudos to B.K Mullen. One of the few dads out there ready to publicly discuss their choices to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is his first diet journal.
  • Yes I Have a Favorite Child
    Do you have a favourite child? The DaddyYoDude talks about his in this post from Dads Round Table. Brave...and controversial.
  • Why Dumb Ads Hurt Moms and Dads
    When someone 'gets it', it's IS a breath of fresh air. Michelle Garcia calls out Proctor & Gamble for yet another ad which assumes dads are the secondary, incompetent parent.
  • Why You Should Think Twice About Being a Mom
    Lexie Lane, founder of, gives one of the most realistic, honest appraisals of how difficult pregnancy and early parenthood can be.
  • Expert Perspectives: Erin Rehel on Fatherhood, Masculinity and Paternity Leave
    From Fathers, Work and Family: a must-read interview fro any parent-to-be. Guess what? Men and Women experience parenting is very similar fashions.
  • Delusions of Stay at Home Dadeur
    ANY stay-at-home parent will recognize Pat Jacobs' revised perspective of what one IMAGINES life at home with the kids will be like, versus the reality of the job.