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  • Don't fret! These tips for preparing for the start of the school year begin by emphasizing getting the most out of your summer...especially if you're a parent who has been putting themselves second since the end of June.
  • I know, he's a comedian. Fantastic. If that's your brand of humor, yuck it up. But there are many of us dads who work hard to be what our children expect from a parent, and what society is only very slowly awakening to.
  • This morning, on BT Montreal, Joanne Vrakas and I talk about the endless labels parents assign themselves: Tiger Mom, Helicopter Parent, Free-Range Parent.
  • My conversation with Pierre Poilievre - Minister of Employment and Social Development - regarding the pro's and potential con's of the conservative government's new Universal Child Care Benefit.
  • "The most dangerous behaviour most North American men engage in is driving a car. And there is a good chance it is a minivan, a boxy emblem of masculine decline." Really?
  • We struggle to teach our children open-mindedness and the advantages of critical thinking; while we stodgy parents gradually seem to become convinced we have found the easiest way of doing almost everything.
  • Elias Makos and I talk about the challenges facing a working parent with a sick child. How do you manage deadlines? Do you have an understanding employer?
  • They created a character called Dr. Rich Mahogany. He is a man who talks about mental health in a way that our double-jeopardy men can relate to, and they pass it on to each other. It really takes the things that we know about mental health and translates them to a tone and a language and a format that can reach these men who can be very challenging to find and to benefit.
  • My little 8-year-old girl has so far shown every sign of eventually becoming a self-assured, confident young adult with just the right amount of "My Way." I see no need to potentially derail that with thirteen minutes of "cleavage sells records."
  • The combination of men not having a strong support system, while also being conditioned to hide psychological weakness, has a tragic consequence. Even the men who do seek help, are unwilling to share that experience with others, leaving each person believing they are unique and alone in their suffering.
  • Some children learn that Santa says "No" to some toys, others will be enjoying a new tablet, and still others will be given one by Mom and/or Dad. On my most recent visit to BT Montreal, I talk with Joanne Vrakas about the pro's and con's of giving your kids - and therefore the whole family - expensive tech gifts.
  • Did you ever wonder if, perhaps, there is a reason Santa only delivers once annually? Perhaps he avoids using a noisy motorised vehicle, and evades and face-to-face contact, after millennia of experience with children.
  • Trying to find different and believable ways to dodge questions about expensive presents - and whether Santa will bring them, and why other friends have them - can be exhausting. This column hints at a couple of ideas which can - especially when reinforced over an extended period of time - help ease the burden.
  • On this BT Montreal segment, Wilder Weir and I discuss whether you spend too much time comparing your child's development to other kids'. When we do, we often lose sight of which comparisons are valid, and also of how happy we were with our child before we looked at another family.
  • During my July segment on Breakfast Television, I talk with Joanne Vrakas about how to deal with a sticky situation. How do you handle your child's friend when that friend is a baaaad influence.
  • On my latest BT Montreal segment, I talk with Alex Despatie about homework, and how the amount of arguing and stress - for you and your child - can be reduced with some simple tips:
  • The following is a fictional short story I submitted for the Quebec Writers Federation Short Story Competition. Apparently, it made the first cut but did not qualify among the ten finalist. Following my story's elimination from competition, I was struck by two ideas: 1) Brene Brown and the idea of Daring Greatly, and 2) Remembering I began a blog specifically for the freedom to publish what I want, when I want. So, here is the submission. Thank you for reading.
  • A special thank you to BMO who will make a generous donation to the Sun Youth Organization as part of our partnership for this post. Here is your little player's chance to send their whole team to an MLS game.
  • As part of our collaboration on this post, Canadian Tire has made a generous donation to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of this blog. Many items mentioned in this post are also available as part of a giveaway. Just drop a word or two in the comment section, and you're eligible!
  • Now a graduate of the programme, Xiaoyang Luo completed her thesis "Organisational Factors Impacting Fathers’ Use of Parental Benefits in Canada". Some of those conclusions have been summarized in this article she wrote for the Vancouver Sun.

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