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  • Now a graduate of the programme, Xiaoyang Luo completed her thesis "Organisational Factors Impacting Fathers’ Use of Parental Benefits in Canada". Some of those conclusions have been summarized in this article she wrote for the Vancouver Sun.
  • On yesterday's appearance on City TV's Breakfast Television, I talk with Joanne Vrakas about how parents can, with their kids help, keep control of their summer schedule, as well as their sanity:
  • My kids have begun to participate in online activities where interaction with others is possible. As parents we become too complacent once our children are occupied and quiet. The Animal Jam team was making sure I remained plugged in.
  • Before becoming a parent I can remember being put off when asked if I could work overtime - or weekends - to replace So-and-So because they had their kids. Now, here I am. Now I am most likely the cause of someone else's occasional misery.
  • -Do you have a five or six-year-old who refuses to eat certain foods? -Is the dinnertable becoming a battle of wills instead of a family gathering? -Is the worry about your picky eater causing stress for your family?
  • How would society react to 17-year-old boys openly admitting that marrying a woman with strong career potential was a high priority? What if they kept their eye out for a good provider?
  • My most recent interview on Breakfast Television Montreal, Joanne Vrakas and I talk about the "Welcome to Parenting" website, which may be the ultimate online resource for new parents.
  • What if, instead of spending time (you may not have) scouring online and off line pages searching for general answers to your very specific concerns, there was one destination which offered personal, accurate, and tailored information?
  • "Dad, remember that project I told you we were starting at school? With the boats?" "Ummm, oh yeah! With the boats!" Please don't tell me I have no memory of enrolling my 9-year-old in a Naval Academy.
  • My most recent interview on Breakfast Television Montreal, Joanne Vrakas and I talk about my vasectomy experience, and why I think men should be encouraged to have the procedure, rather than ask their partner to be in charge of birth control.
  • A special thank you to Mike Cohen, from the Montreal Suburban for his interest in my new book "Men Get Pregnant, Too (despite never pushing a watermelon through a pigeonhole)".
  • I simply accept there are people I will never be: such as Brad Pitt. The guy is perfect. Frustratingly, tauntingly, consistently perfect. If he were a pizza he would have all your favourite toppings, be fresh, be delivered on time, and be free.
  • My new parenting book is now available as a paperback and for download at as well as its international affiliates! It is page turner which will sure ignite conversation within couples who have--or are ever planning-- on having children.
  • Do it. All you REALLY need to undergo a vasectomy, is balls. Here is some reassurance for squeamish men.
  • You're a blogger. As a time management exercise, you and your spouse have agreed to set aside one day weekly during which you have the house to yourself to focus strictly on your writing. Now, there should be no excuses. Why is it then, after nine hours you're still behind schedule?
  • I have just returned to the latter half of a Canadian winter, after the kinetic warmth of the Dad 2.0 Summit in New Orleans. Last year, I wrote about my angst leading up to and my exhilaration heading home from the second annual summit in Houston. For the 2014 conference, I wasn't sure what to expect from it. Even more destabilizing, I wasn't sure what to expect from myself.
  • Kirk Millson's "9,000 Miles of Fatherhood - surviving crooked cops, Mexican moonshine and teen-age angst on a journey to the End of the road" is about being human. About how difficult it can be to connect with your child. About the work it takes to make an emotional connection.
  • Once the doomed mission drew 202,586 volunteers, the simian reaction was surely: "Holy shit! All they had to do was ask the humans!?" Most parents would give their lives for their children. Others, it seems, would just give their lives. Just ask people? That's a scenario the monkeys and dogs could have come up with on their own.
  • I was recently contacted by a Master of Public Policy student at Simon Fraser University who, as part of a thesis is studying Canadian fathers' use of parental leave. The student included a survey to be completed by fathers with at least one child born or adopted since 2010, and who lived and worked in Canada at the time. The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete.
  • While it’s my pleasure to prepare most of the family meals at home, the first thing I will spend disposable income on is meals out. There’s nothing like being served and being cleaned-up after. I can’t wait to be a ninety-year-old in diapers. Pure heaven. It’s this level of ‘Where’s the Beef?’ fast-food thinking which perverted a recent ski trip into a guilt trip.

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  • Cancer
    A man I met digitally through a "Dad Bloggers" Facebook group he founded, and then later in person at the Dad Summit in the states has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Though we have had very few personal interactions, I consider him a friend. He published this post moments ago. It is simply called "Cancer." Its lessons are so plain it's a wonder we need to be reminded of them. If you have the time (which, after reading this you will realize we all do), absorb every word:
  • Stuck in the Middle with You: Parenting Your Teen After Graduation
    A great article from giving concrete tips on guiding your budding adult through the post-grad minefield.
  • Former Seattle daycare teacher encourages 'Duct Tape Parenting'
    No, the duct tape is NOT for the kids...
  • Parenting to Boost Executive Function
    Katherine Eskovitz explains research which argues in favor of developing your child's inner CEO, and against placing too much emphasis on I.Q.
  • Is Having a Baby Really Worth It?
    Caroline Beaulieu's article from the Huffington Post - no truer words were ever spoken about parenthood.
  • I'm Not a SuperMom
    John Kinnear's wife Stevie takes over to explain how she refuses to try to live up to the expectations of the Pinterest SuperMom, and is better for it.
  • Helicopter Parents vs Cotton Wool Kids
    Nancy McDermott from "Spiked" reviews a new book: "Parenting Culture Studies" - produced by researchers at the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies (CPCS) at the University of Kent. Fascinating, and unexpected, revelations about what works - and doesn't - in the world of parenting.
  • Wait Until You Become a Parent
    Some unexpected gut-wrenching revelations from Lexie Lane at Not at all what you'd expect from the title.
  • How Your Bitter Divorce Broke Us Children
    An brutally honest look at the long-term effects on children of an ugly marriage and a bitter divorce.
    Kudos to B.K Mullen. One of the few dads out there ready to publicly discuss their choices to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is his first diet journal.