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Apr 02, 2012


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Pamela / Pamela's Heavenly Treats

This is so true!!

Barbara Mascareno

Love this post. But amazingly enough parents have so much on their plates lately from trying to balance more than a checkbook. Deadlines are a part of the everyday very much a reality in a stay-at-home mom and a corporate mom. Thanks for the advice :)

Dayna Musto

I love reading your articles. Very insightful and humerous. I'm a big fan.


The grass is always greener, right? I think the key is to take it one thing at a time, and be as organized as you can. Thanks for the read.

Perspective Parenting

So very true. I was just thinking today, while at work, that I can't wait for the days of summer, when I am home with the kids, but really, its not as if life slows down or deadlines don't still need to be made. They just change. I really enjoy your site. Always well done and said.


Geez, for a split second I was thinking...take me back to the work life! Time by myself, talking to adults but then you had to give me a reality check - working on Saturday, deadlines, yadda, yadda. No thanks. I enjoyed my lunch out with friends today even though there was a lot of noise coming from my one son when I refused to give him something he wanted. I didn't even flinch. Didn't run. I'm becoming a pro!
Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun.com


Love this. As a stay at home mom, I've had to work on setting deadlines for myself, but I always have trouble sticking to them since there aren't as many immediate consequences. But the weeks (days?) where I stick to my plan and get things done always are more smooth and calm--it's like my kids can tell things are going well, even though they have no idea about my meal plan or cleaning schedule.


Comparing gets you nowhere fast. I feel it should be avoided at all cost. Because if you don't compare, things are automatically fine.

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