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Feb 26, 2014


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I can't agree enough with this. I got snipped a week ago today. The procedure was nothing--the worst part was seriously the needles for the local, and the need to shave things I generally wouldn't shave.

The recovery hasn't been something I've particularly enjoyed, but my incision was about 1/4" long, with no gauze, and just a couple of dissolving stitches. The first couple of days, things were pretty damned sore and I iced every couple of hours, with at least one short nap a day. The next few days I used the icepack 2-3 times a day, and on day 5, I returned to work. That's a cakewalk for any kind of surgery, IMO.

When the alternative is another kid (I love my boys, but NOT GOING TO HAPPEN), or a wife continually thrown off her game by BC pills, I think it's a no brainer.

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