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Jun 05, 2011


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Interesting. I like how you explain it, might be helpful for my husband. We are probably going to take this route. Still might have 2 more kids, But still not sure.
I have to say I laughed out loud a lot. haha ;)


Will have to get my husband to read this. :) I have to say I laughed out loud a few times. haha ;)


We have our one boy and one girl, too, but since we got them all at once (twins) we are on the fence about maybe having one more. I'll have to share this with the hubby, it just may help us come to some decisions over here!

Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms

I'm not quite sure what to say here... :) But I will tell you that you got me hooked in your opening paragraph. It was indeed very interesting and educational. Great writing! (Hey, I do know what to say after all!)

Kenya G. Johnson

Wow, I think I kind of held my breath and swallowed hard through this post. Whew.


Personally I never understood why anyone would get a vasectomy. The IUD seems perfect... very low risk and very high effectiveness and most important, easily reversible. Vasectomies can have very serious side effects, like constant pain or impotence. Plus they are pretty much irreversible. How can people be so sure they will not break up or one partner die, or even one of their children dying ant they will want to replace them? Of course every married couple will say, "Oh we are sure we will be forever together". All I say to that is, "Seriously?"

Kenny Bodanis

Hey William,

I don't know whether you have children; it would be important to understand who I'm addressing. The IUD seems perfect, unless you're the one who has it floating around their body for a decade or two. That is a choice a couple has to make together. As for myself: I'm forty years-old with two young children. I can't imagine being without my wife; but, should that happen for whatever horrible reason, I know I would not want to start fatherhood over again. A vasectomy is a one-off, with low risk. It gave me great peace of mind without requiring a foreign body floating around my wife's uterus ad infinitum. So, even if we're not together forever, I have all the children I want. Seriously.

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