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Jul 06, 2011


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Kenya G. Johnson

Awwww. I NEVER say those things to my husband. I just ignore him. (I'll do better). You gave me a laugh that made me start coughing and I am not a smoker ;-)

Pamela Rote

Yes you can complain---just not more then us woman LOL

Carla Karam

I can't stop laughing!! Actually... I'm so sorry Kenny.. I hope you feel better. (Snort, Snort) Sorry once again, I am laughing with you not at you!! You forgot to mention menopause too!! LMBO!! Blessings!! to you and yours!

Real Army of Moms

This is hysterical. But I am still with your wife. Once verses EVERY FREAKING month. We still own the rights to bitchy for that alone.


:) I recently had kidney stones, and I can honestly say (after three children) that they ARE the most serious pain I have ever experienced. I have always been the type to hear men complain and think those very things... until kidney stones. It gave me a lot of perspective on how I view men's pain. Turns out- GASP!- childbirth and periods are not the worst thing in the world. Who knew?


LOL to the song and the Chevy Chase clip! I think everyone is allowed a little complaining/sympathy when in pain or discomfort. Kudos to the guys who keep going on despite ailments/sickness, etc.
Have a great weekend!
PS I think people have different thresholds of pain, and I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with men/women. But I guess you can never really know, 'cuz you will never be able to feel someone else's pain, and vice versa!

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