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Sep 09, 2011


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Hi Kenny- These studies you speak of seem to be aimed at the stereotyped father or mother(correct me if I'm wrong). I find your post refreshing in that it breaks out of common assumptions our society makes regarding men & women's roles to care for their family. Thank you for a thought-provoking post!


Carla Karam

Kenny... once again you have hit the nail on the head! I think they should spend their monies on some studies that can actually help us all. :) Blessings!


As a single mom, my viewpoint is most likely different than that of a married/partnered mom and I'd venture to guess that involved dads feel just as pecked to death by studies as single moms. It's sad that dads have that stereotype to deal with, and I know more men than not that are loving, involved dads. I enjoyed reading your post.


Interesting. I like the end a lot, communication! Totally true! That is SO necessary in a marriage, and even with children. I haven't looked at studies honestly to define how we raise or maintain this house hold. So whenever I read some, like these I just laugh. My husband does a lot here, in fact he just recently took on the laundry. haha When my back was out for a week, he was so great at it, he just kept doing it. ;) That sure won't harm our boys! I think it will show them responsibility. We all have jobs in this house. And it honestly doesn't matter WHAT it is.


I am going to try this again. ;)
I like the end, I totally agree with communication! So key to a great marriage and honestly it's good to have with your kids.
Never been one to go by the "studies", we run our home just fine. My husband even has taken up laundry. The week my back was out he started doing it, and well he was better then I was, so he just decided to keep it up. ;) I don't think that is harmful for our children, I think it shows them that we all have responsibilities in this house, no matter WHAT they are. :)

Kenya G. Johnson

I enjoyed this post. I can see why you would be annoyed. I had quite a few chuckles and smirks. As a side note I'd love to see my husband use a slow cooker that would entertaining! Annnnnd it'll never happen. Loved your wrap up.


I feel your pain! All that research gets really tiresome. Sometimes I really wonder if they don't have anything better to do?!

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