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Feb 14, 2012


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Lynn Reilly

Well, I do consider myself an expert on bullying, as I am a school counselor to adolescents and run anti bullying programs within my school, and have extensive experience in working with students who have bullied and have been bullied, and one topic that has NEVER come up, has been how involved a father or mother is within the school. The only proven way to combat bullying effectively is create a culture of respect within the school community and an intolerance for bullying behaviors and gestures. Plain and simple. And that cultural shift is only effective if EVERYONE is educated and engaged, teachers, students, parents, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, administrators...everyone. Education needs to start young in teaching our children how our actions and words created a reaction in others, both positive and negative, which is by far, the best thing parents can do to protect their kids from bullying and from being the bully.
I'm happy for that principal that his perceived anti bullying tactics of involvement work for him, but the public stereotyping and judgement is what gets us into trouble in the first place. I will gladly be sharing this on my FB page. Your response is so well done and true. Love the psychology of it!

Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

I think Mr. Watts is unrealistic and unfair towards fathers. Like you said, the typical family has a father who works and the mom at home with the kids, or maybe the mom works too now. I could see his point if we had mostly stay at home dads out there, but we don't. Fathers have a huge influence as parents. It doesn't matter if it's just when they come home from work, or whenever they can be present in any way. Kids know that dad has to work, and if mom had to work, they would know that too. It seems like Mr. Watts just wants more volunteers, and is trying to make fathers feel guilty.

The Pepperrific Life

I'll have to agree with the commenter above- that there has to be a culture of mutual respect, in order to prevent bullying. The absent father or mother isn't the sole cause of bullying. I'm a single mom, so that's what I'd like to believe :)

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