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Feb 28, 2012


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christine (lulobird)

i think, as you said, you are sensible! add to that conscious, patient and kind. you have evolved to realizing that even though you may have these same feelings of anger or even violence (not saying you do feel violent - even i do sometimes but never could acting on it!) that once were important to survival, you realize is opposite now. great post!

Kristl Story

Testocerone overload perhaps???


It is a challenge to teach children and teenagers to solve conflicts without eventually resorting to angry frustration which usually turns to violence when this is what they see on TV or sadly, in their family. Also, if boys (and I think this goes for "big boys" as well!) don't have an outlet for their energy, such as sports, I think they are more likely to take the angry, frustrated route. Seen it before! After all, I do have 5 boys in my life!


Boys, both small and big, need an outlet for their...shall we say..."manliness". Sports, wrestling, physical labor, etc. Otherwise, anger and violence occur. Seen it before--after all, I do have 5 boys in my life!

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