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Mar 20, 2012


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What a neat way of looking at this! I think we all have our "cycles" in a way. Plus, I think we play off of the people around us. So who knows, maybe men who are around women could be feeling empathy too ;)

I love the way you wrote this.

Pamela Rote

Oh what a superpost!!!! ;D
Gave me a great laugh... guys with PMS...don't most men would want to admit it...but there IS something to that mood cycle --- My hubby would always just blam the poor "game" from the night before. ;}


Now I know why it's called a MENstrual cycle. Here I thought it was just because we were to make our MEN crazy during the days leading up to it. ;0

Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms

Haha. Read about biorhythms before and hey, there might just be some truth about it. Someone once told me that you can find a pattern in everything. Why should moods be any different - even for males?

Sharon Moms Madhouse (@crazykids6)

OMG! LOL...you're right, I know you're right!

I have 3 younger brothers and 5 sons...there is no way we ladies are the only ones suffering thru monthly mood swings.

That was freaking hilarious :)


Carla Karam

LOL!! Kenny what a great post... allowing us women to consider for a moment that men too cycle! That explains it all!! Love your post.


I hear you, and I support you.
Just let me know when you're having a downwards moon swing, so I can keep a safe distance.


lol. I love reading your blog. You say it how it is, thank you! I'll have to get my husband to read it.


You are so correct. Now I just have to get my husband to read your blogs.

Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

I think you are on to something! I know every month, I get completely tricked. I can't figure out why I'm so pissed at everything, and then duh...oh yah! There has to be something that kicks in, and makes you forget too, just like when women forget the pains of pregnancy and labor to have another. Do you think there is a definitive mid life crisis biorhythm for men?


Perfect! I knew my husband was PMSing last week! Too bad our cycles aren't synchronized like they say women's cycles will tend to do... or am I asking for Armageddon on the homefront?

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