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May 09, 2012


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haha Ya, I've wondered that myself.. Then the child grows up, with the same attitude as the parents, and the parents wonder "Why?? Why are YOU this way?" Makes me shake my head,ya know?

Kathy Radigan

I laughed while reading this!!! I was always so cautious as a driver, and always cautious of my language when I drove. A few weeks ago someone cut me off and I used a few choice words as if I was alone in my car and not with my children. My 13 year old said to me, "Now, Mom, I thought we were going to work on our language when we drive." Sadly, I too am one of the morons behind the wheel!! Very funny!

Pamela / Pamela's Heavenly Treats

Wonderful post, thanks for sharing!!

Kenya G. Johnson

LOL!!! I enjoyed reading this. When you wrote "remains sleep", I had a flashback to exiting the off ramp pretty much at the same speed I was on the highway then hoping the yield sign was in my favor so that mine would remain sleep. The yield sign wasn't in my favor and he did not remain sleep with 2 hours 15 minutes to go - now add 30 to that for slowing down, passing things, bathroom on the side of the road and changing videos.


Ha! Love this post. You are very witty Mr. Bodanis!

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