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May 04, 2012


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Account Deleted

LOL at 'slacks'. Because I use that word, too. :)


I can't believe they didn't let you in with those sandals! They are stylish. Crazy! And to let women wear sandals. That's amazing. I would think the way you are thinking too. *shakes head*

Great post. So was the food good? :)

Pamela Rote

Thats just NUTS--But you as Tootsie--PAY TO SEE THAT LOL

Kenya G. Johnson

The Bistro rules seem unfair. But I have to AGREE with them. I don't have to look down at anyone's feet, and I try not to (I don't like seeing toes). Yes I wear opened toed shoes for almost all occasions in the summer months. You almost can't find a cute sandal with a closed toe (which would be my preference). Toes just seem like "body parts" and I really don't want to see men's body parts in restaurants. Anyway what's the new word for slacks? I guess I'm old too.

Kenny Bodanis

Interesting. I do admit, generally women's toes are more groomed than men's. However I men's tendancy toward "mansacping" is on the rise. How are we to know when men's toes are a smooth and shiny as women's (or even moreso) until we reveal them to the world? Free the toes!

Kenny Bodanis

No! Not only that I think the decorator invited Valentine's day to throw up on the walls; red and white all over the place. Weird.

Prototype Mama

My hubby hates that code too! Men should be able to wear opened toed shoes-- there's so many dressy sandals now.

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