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Jun 25, 2012


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Very true! I think my fav. is #2. People do this and it's so inconsiderate! You are right they just don't want to face the music, and hear my sad, disappointed voice, or feel true guilt by having to speak the words.

Your sister

Response to Rolling my Eyes at your children: How about when I want to burn a hole in a parent's head with my eyes because a roll just isnt enough? Perhaps this is coming frome the perspective of a soon to be step mother of twp great kids... But hear goes my response: Annoying is the parent who chooses to bring their three children into a space not meant for children (ie: an airport business lounge) and not only allow their loud playing with poker chips and cards, but actually participate in the childish ear piercing behavior. Annndd to top it off the lounge smells like poop. Parents need also be aware of their surroundings and the impact their presence has on those around them...there surely is a line between people tolorating child behaviour and not blaming the parent for their child's loud occasional outbursts and parents making the choice to go places where children should be seen and not heard.

Kenny Bodanis

I absolutely agree with you; parents should be responsible for their kids' behavior. HOWEVER, even great kids (like mine, and apparently yours) have moments where fatigue, frustration and boredom get the better of them. They can be victim to their own bad humor, much as adults can. All I ask is for the benefit of the doubt.

Kenny Bodanis

Thanks! (Sorry I was late with my reply; I should have called.)

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