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Jun 06, 2012


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Kenya G. Johnson

Ewwww to picnicking on the "residue". LOL.

Kenny Bodanis

I liked that one, too:)

Kenny Bodanis

I have received many comments similar to this:

"So, for those of us not lucky enough to own or rent a house with a lawn, where exactly are our dogs supposed to s***".

In response, I would like to offer three remarks:

1) Defecate, move bowels, BM, poop are all acceptable, and make the person leaving the comment seem more reasonable.
2) Technically, four feet in from the sidewalk is public property, so your beef would be with the municipality, not me; even when I call to complain.
3)I don't know where your dog is supposed to s***. A dog run maybe? When I bought the lawn which came with my house it was not for the toiletry needs of dog owners with no lawn. Where your animal s***s, eats and sleeps are among the considerations one must make at the point of purchase.

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