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Nov 01, 2012


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Your Sister

Brilliant! The only thing missing is indication of the sardonic fact that your 'baby-hating-dog-loving' sister's wedding was to a man with 2 kids!!!

Kenny Bodanis

That wasn't missing so much as omitted...I didn't want to share too much of your business:)

Your Sister

Oh well, now it's shared ;)

Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

Tell Annie I'm on her side with no kids too! I don't have pets though. To me pets would be like really difficult and needy kids, that make you feel guilty all day. I love her response, and will use it, even though asking me about having babies in my 40's is getting pretty ridiculous at this point, and they all know I've already raised 4 step-daughters. Maybe being the oldest girl of 7 kids also had an impact, but I love, love my empty nest so, so much!! No guilt either.

Kenny Bodanis

The message has been passed along:) Thanks for reading!

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