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Aug 15, 2013


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Zach Rosenberg

Unfortunately, society still looks at a man getting hit as "he deserved it", but looks at women getting hit as a problem. They should both be problems. There are commercials every year that show a man being hit by a woman, but rarely (I think I only recall one from a couple of years back) where it's okay for a man to hit a woman - and it'd BETTER be in complete hyperbole so it's understood that it's nothing personal and a complete unreality. But the reality we're being sold is that it's okay for women to hit men. And that's based on the idea that women are the lesser, right? If women are lesser, then it's okay for them to hit a man because what damage could they do? Well, a lot. You can't start to qualify what is a good hit or a bad hit - or in which relationships women could hit their men because of a size difference. It's an ugly topic.

Thanks for writing about this. We need to keep talking about it until people being hit for laughs or drama on television isn't a thing anymore.

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