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Jun 15, 2016


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Heidi Bodanis

It’s weird, ‘cuz one Father’s Day 10 years from now:
…they will come from college
So much like adults,
That you will have to say:
"I'm proud of you, can you sit for a while"
They’ll shake their head and say with a smile:
"What we'd really like, Dad, is to borrow the car keys
See you later, can we have them please?"…

……And you will be like damn, I am 54 years old and all I want for Father’s Day is a tween-style BBQ with innocent authentic poetry recited to me, about me.

….the way it used to be when I was just 44!

Auntie says: The Big Short and The Revenant will still be around for you to fall asleep watching. Revel in the poetry of your family, there will be plenty of time for loneliness one day ☺

For some reason life is weird like that.

Nasrin Fotohy

I get it! I think we all do;actually. My question is that why would you want all this exactly on father's day!? Why don't you give yourself a day off a day or two days before father's day?
I think what we all, are suffering from is doing too much! Yes! You heard it right. We all, are doing too much for our children. This is the dilemma of the 21th century. Do more, have more, spend more, and inevitably make more. Think about it! How did our parents did it raising 6, 5 or 11 children? Did we all take piano lessons, or ballet, swimming? No! Did every single child have to have a few activities lined up every week. Did they chauffeur us around to get one or the other to a soccer game on time? No. They did not. Kids played outside with the other kids, and that was the major activity of that time. At least that was the case for me. And you love this part. We did not plan to do something with our dad or mom for father's day or mother's day. We gave them a gift and a kiss, and that was that, until the next year.
Well! I like to live my life like they did, because then they could nap in the afternoon and we had more time to play outside! And if they took us to a movie one day we appreciated it. On that note, happy father's day.Have a wonderful day.

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