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I found Your November11/17 post to be extremely interesting. The deep seated “culture” of acting you described will make it difficult for change to occur quickly. We can only hope posts like this will spur a new awareness and ongoing conversations that over time, will, make a difference. I hope it doesn’t take a generation, but I also fear it will.

I found your blog via the -alive- magazine I picked up from Thrifty Foods. My daughter has been vegetarian since 16 and became vegan about 2 years ago. Her husband as an anniversary gift to her, went vegan for a month last March. He remains diligently vegan today. Says he has never felt better in his life. They will turn 40 this year. My daughter has always been an excellent cook, and even her dad is slowly adjusting his attitude to plant based eating.

Am I able to subscribe to your blog?

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